Excel Set Column Width and Row Height For Multiple Files Software

Set column and row size in one or more MS Excel files. Excel 2000 or higher required.

Row to OneNote  v.

Reorganize Microsoft Access row (record) as a table to new OneNote Page, and linked back to the row.


Excel Join Multiple Rows or Columns Into One Long Row or Column Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to rearrange data in a block of selected MS Excel cells to create one continuous row or column. Excel 2000 or higher required.

E-Row  v.

e-Row is a Windows-based software package for use with one or more Concept2 Indoor Rowers equipped with PM2 performance monitors. Using e-Row with your Concept2 Indoor Rower will make your workouts more fun and more productive.

Five in a row  v.1 4

A Five In A Row game to be played over the Internet by two people. It doesnt have any fancy graphics or cool sound effects. I have instead focused in keeping the file size down to a minimum so it easily can be sent to, for example, a chat partner.

4 In 1 Row (Treo 600, Zire, Tungsten)  v.1.0

4 In 1 Row, also known as Connect Four, is well-know classic board game. The rules for the game are simple, while the game very fascinating. In the game, you compete with AI technique at three difficulty levels. At the expert level,

4 in a row  v.4.0

4 in a row lets you play connect four against your computer. It offers multiple levels of difficulty from beginner to extremely powerful play. You can save and load games.

First Row  v.

Finding concerts, events and sports games on your phone has never been easier. First Row will immediately display all the shows in your area and can filter them based on performer, events, venue and even by dates on your Windows Phone.

Four In a Row  v.

Enjoy this classic Four in a row board game! This version is the smartest of them all. If you're able to win the hard level, let me know! Connect four tokens in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally - and you’re the winner! Play

Row Companion  v.

Row Companion helps you view and record your rowing workouts.

4 in a Row Reloaded  v.

Test your skills against competitors around the world in a fun and challenging game of strategy. 4 in a Row (also known as Connect 4) allows you to practice and sharpen your skills against complex AI,

Silly 3-n-A-Row  v.

It's the classic 3-in-a-row game that you know and love!

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